About Us

Every business starts from the scratch and same goes for our company. The owner of this company loved crafts and handmade products ever since she was a kid. She liked to knit sweaters, make her own accessories and revise old clothes and turn them into something new. She knew crafts are her thing and it’s something that makes her happy. Since it’s all unique and different from other things that are popular, it drew her in more. When she got older, she started to make her own little business. Though her parents are not that supportive of her plan, she still pursued what she wanted because her dream is to make more of these things and share them to other people.

Even though she lacked encouragement from other people, she succeeded after years and years of hard work. “It wasn’t easy,” she said, “I needed a lot of motivation and inspiration from myself because my parents wanted me to take a different path.” It really is hard to pursue something all by yourself because you need to be strong and determined in order to succeed. Her business was not fully supported by her family but when they saw how much she loved her own creations and that she is succeeding, they tried to accept the fact that this is what their daughter wanted for herself.

After years of being successful, she now decided to do something for other people. She held events and initiated projects that will help orphanages and charities. Donations of old things are welcome in our company because we upcycle them into something new and give them to children or other people. So far, it has been successful as well and many people participated by creating handmade and crafted goods to share with other people for both business and to take part in a good cause.