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Mercado Kneeland Company website — a place where you can buy and know more about our market, products and sales.

Even though a lot of modern things are invented on an almost daily basis nowadays, we sometimes still look for unique, classic and different types of stuff. We do get sick with our old clothes, shoes, accessories and even furniture that they get stocked or thrown away in our A1 Garage Door. Doing that cannot be helped but do you know that we can do more from these old things? We can upcycle them to create new and unique stuff from those trendy brands that are popular now.

The old clothes, accessories, shoes or even furniture can be donated rather than thrown away. You can give them to other people or donate them to charities. Our company accepts donations for our projects and give them to charities as well. At first, our company only sold handmade goods and crafts. But since many people often throw their things when it’s all worn out and old, we decided to collect these as well and make something for other people that is free. Don’t get confused, we still have our own marketplace but the donations we get from other people are turned into something new and different before we give them to orphanages or other charities.

Our company sells a great deal of goods too. Everything is handmade and well-crafted for we put a lot of effort in the manufacturing of these products. Since we sell crafts and handmade products, some products can be personalized if ever the customers want to.

Our collections include the following:

Clothes – Prints can be personalized but the designing process take a little time so the process of delivering will be later than usual. Knitted sweaters and other clothes made by hand can take time as well if clients want it to be designed according to their own preferences. Products made and ordered by customers will be delivered immediately for we have stocks.

Accessories – These accessories and jewelries can be personalized too. You can adjust sizes, designs, include your name or label (especially on necklaces and bracelets) or pick your own colors. But just like clothes, it will be delivered a bit later too for designing personal products take time.

Shoes/Slippers – Shoes cannot be personalized since these are a bit hard to do. If we accept requests, it will take a bit of time. We don’t want customers complaining of a slow service because let’s face it, shoes are not that easy to make. Slippers on the other hand can be personalized especially the crafted ones.

Furniture – We sell furniture according to our designs though everyone is free to choose from tons of our designs. We cannot accept personal designs but we do let our clients request touch ups or small details that can be added to these furnitures. These are hard to do as well and takes a lot of time so we cannot accept other requests since we have many products that have to be made.

We are hoping to see you in our stores or you can buy from us online. If you are interested in any of the products mentioned above, go ahead and check out our online shop! Message us anytime and give us feedback.