The Different Variations Of The Game Of Baccarat

In order to desecrate a little the high-end character of baccarat, numerous variants including mini-baccarat were born from 1980. It is therefore very common for online gambling halls to offer:

Mini-baccarat or relaxed baccarat

Introduced in the 80s, mini-baccarat allowed jomcuci918 casinos to attract as many players as possible. With the same rules as classic baccarat, it is less formal and is especially aimed at people on a budget. Indeed, this version is characterized by completely reduced stakes, a number of places limited to 7 and a much faster progress.

Bank with two tables “or” Bank at all costs “

Usually offered by online casinos, this version of the distraction takes place around two tables against which the banker plays. The players are then led to bet indifferently on one, the other or both tables. And since they are dealt two hands, their bet must be doubled on the spawner’s hand. The drawing of a third card is made according to a drawing board.

The railway variant or the French version of gambling

This variant offered by land-based casinos in Europe has been subject to some changes by the aristocrats. Thus, a game of chemin de fer takes place between the players and a banker. When he loses his bet, he is automatically replaced by his neighbor on the right.

Punto banco

Invented in South America, this distraction characterized by a fast tempo only takes into account the spawner and the bank. The role of the other players, whose number varies from one to seven, comes down to betting on the winning hand. The management is then entrusted to the croupier who will share the cards once all the bets have been made.

Progressive baccarat

In progressive mode, baccarat is the best option to win big. Indeed, it brings together the games of several online casinos that have the same supplier in common. Therefore, each bet made by the players will replenish a common pot, the sum of which will constitute the attractive pot. To win it, you must first place the maximum stake allowed on the table concerned. The player must then pray to the Gods in order to obtain a natural, that is, a winning hand with a total of 9 points

Maccarat or the Asian version of online gambling

Born from the mixing between Macao and Baccarat, maccarat is the Asian version of this casino game that we all know. This new form of baccarat, which can only be found in casinos in Macau, the famous island, is not that different from the classic. In fact, the only thing that changes is the drawing order, especially for the third card.

The Super Pan Nine

Here, the fundamental rules of baccarat as well as the value of the cards remain unchanged. The differences concern the card extraction systems and the number distributed to players. Indeed, Super Pan Nine is very similar to American baccarat. Very funny, this version which comes from Asia is played with only 36 cards, without the 7, 8, 9 and 10. Likewise, the bank and the ponte receive respectively three cards instead of two in the classic games.

Baccarat in Banking

Combined with many restrictions, this variation allows participants to challenge each other. To take on the role of the bank, they will have to make banco, bet the same amount as the bank and win their bet. After three successive bancos with no advantages over the game, the player will no longer be allowed to bet again or to play the role of the bank.

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