Where can I see the products you sell in your online shop?

You can see our products on this website by searching the online store section. The designs, especially the best seller products are there along with the details and short information about them. Since they are handmade crafts, people are sometimes curious with the details. I hope you find them here in our website.

Where can I find your physical stores if I want to drop by?

Please check our locations to see our branches near your store, if you can’t just send us a message and we will give you more details about us. We started as an online company so our stores are not yet built perfectly and we only have a few stores though we welcome all the clients and customers. We hope to see you there soon.

How can I donate my old stuff such as accessories and clothes to your company?

Just simply send us a message regarding the donations and we will give you the information. It’s super easy because you just have to fill out some forms and the process will be easier. Our team is looking forward to your donations as it will be a great help for our projects.

What are your projects for?

Our projects are mainly for orphans who share the same shelter at the orphanage. Since kids mostly need care and help from other people, we decided to give them our own crafts and handmade goods. Donations from other people to support us create such things and produce more for these kids are a great help. We also give some of our creations to other charities other than orphanages. Our company is hoping for your full support to help us give aid to these charities and orphanages.